Sustainable Merch

Each year, the average American person throw away 80 pounds of used clothing. Meanwhile, in the US alone over 12 billion dollars is being spent on sports merchandise every year. That’s why Tellus Bandy – an elite sports team from Sweden – recycled their players’ clothing into a unique series of merch they call ”Sustainable Merch”.

Each garment is collected from a player in the team’s wardrobe. All with a unique story told in a hand written hangtag, and with a specially designed logo attached to the garment.

The ”Sustainable Merch” collection was launched in the middle of the Christmas rush as a response to the 2018 ”Christmas present of the Year” in Sweden, which became the recycled garment.

The ”Christmas present of the Year” is a kind of award given to a special product each year by the Swedish Retail Institute, in the time before Christmas. The previous three years’ ”winners” included the electrical bicycle, the VR headset and the robot vacuum cleaner – which made the recycled garment stand out in a spectacular way.

The project has been featured in local, national and international media.