“#BräckGesten” translates to something like “#BeatTheCelebration”, and is a content series for Elitserien – the highest division in the bandy league of Sweden.

Being a sport with limited media coverage, this is a campaign to promote the players and people in the league in a new way.

In every episode, a team is trying to beat the previous team’s goal celebration.

The videos have so far been seen over 200 000 times.


Part one: hammarby

Hammarby IF’s star striker Christoffer Fagerström honors Hammarby soccer legend Kennedy Bakircioglü by replicating his iconic celebration, in which Kennedy caught a cup of beer and had a sip.


IK Tellus’ poster boy Martin Krigh realizes his team doesn’t score enough goals, and tries a new way to get the ball into the net.


The former national team captain Andreas Westh has a plan of how to beat Martin Krigh – and at the same time increase his team’s chances to finally win the Swedish Championship.


Striker Mattias Hammarström of reigning champions Edsbyn has a theory on how they should celebrate – ending up in a celebration to make the away crowd happier.

PART FIVE: Västerås

Västerås SK’s Simon Jansson throws a party to celebrate their goals.

PART SIX: Villa/Lidköping

Jesper Eriksson of Villa/Lidköping brings his teammates out to a castle to celebrate in a big manner.